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Why Computer Servicing?

We are an Adelaide owned and operated business that is dedicated to keeping your computer running the way it should for the last 15 years.

Our motto is “…keeping IT Simple” (so we speak your language).

We offer Friendly, Helpful Service/ No Fix, No Fee Guarantee/ available 7 Days – by appointment/ All Work Guaranteed/ Experienced Technicians. We can come to your home or office or drop in your device to us! The choice is yours!


Computer Inspection

Our technicians will inspect your computer and assess what needs repairing. Once you have approved your quote, our technicians can begin the process straight away.
Expected servicing time from receiving computer: 3 hrs.

Price: FREE (During Business Hours)

Full Computer Service

Is your computer sluggish, running slow, have pop ups or having problems getting online? There is a good chance your computer has been infected. Contact us today to get your computer back in top shape. Unlike most companies, we don’t wipe your system, deleting all your files and photos. Instead, our technicians take the time and care to actually fix the problem and remove the virus or spyware completely.

Our technicians will fully service your Microsoft, Apple and android computer and mobile devices. This includes updating Internet Security, Spy-Ware removal, All Windows, iOS operating system Updates, general file system & hard drive clean up, registry clean up and system tune up. We also remove excess dust from inside your computer which helps with cooling and ventilation.

Key Tasks Performed

  • Update Internet Security
  • Service Pack Updates
  • Spy-Ware Tools
  • System Tune Up
  • Hardware Evaluation
  • Registry Clean Up
  • Windows Updates

Expected servicing time from receiving computer: 1-2 Days.

Price: $160.00

Computer Hardware Clean-Up

Even the best PCs can be dragged down by performance-choking dirt. Perhaps the most serious dirt-related threat to your PC is dust in the fans. Dust constantly gets sucked inside the case. Over time, it clogs both power-supply and cooling fans. As more and more dust accumulates on the blades and in the motors, the fans have to work harder.

If the buildup goes unchecked, the fans may significantly slow down or fail completely. This can lead to serious overheating inside the case, which can cause component failure and, ultimately, data loss.

Fortunately, we can easily rescue your desktop from all that grunge. Our technicians will open the case and clean out and tidy up the inside of your computer.

Expected servicing time from receiving computer: 1 Day.

Price: $95.00

Computer Format

Ideal for clients who can’t provide all relevant software drivers. Our technicians will format your computer, reinstall your previous operating system. This advanced service includes the time involved in sourcing correct software drivers which have not been provided. This also includes Up to date Anti Virus Protection, Spy-ware removal tools, and Windows Updates.

If you have important data that you need off the computer prior to formatting take a look at the Data Import/Export Section.

Expected servicing time from receiving computer: Up to 2 Days.

Price: $150.00

Computer Data LifeSaver

If your system can’t boot up because of hardware fault, viruses or corrupt system files, our technicians will do their best to recover your data from the hard drive and save your important files.

Expected servicing time from receiving computer: 1-2 Days.

Price: $95.00/hr

Computer Collection and Delivery Service

Too busy to bring your computer in to us, why not have us pick it up from your home or business.

We collect and deliver computer systems within a 15 km radius of Adelaide CBD for $35, so you needn’t adjust your daily routine to wait for an technician to come and fix your machine!

Collection & Delivery: 1 Hour.

Price: $35.00

Mobile Technicians

$145 / Hour

Pensioner Discount Available 

Total price capped at 3 hours

(upon technicians assessment agreement).


Our services are guaranteed for 7 days.
At the completion of work, if you are not satisfied with the quality of service provided, please call 0410 324 146.

Payment Options

Payment can be made by Cash, Direct Bank Transfer or Visa/MasterCard.

I was extremely satisfied with the quality of work and the service I received. Very reliable and honest people. I was told by another company I would need a new laptop and was referred by a friend to Computer Servicing. I got a quote from Chris to REPAIR my laptop and saved so much! Thanks again.

Stephanie Clark

Chris was very helpful quick and very honest and forward… everything you want these days really. Also very reasonably priced so an all round great experience will definitely recommend.
Cam B

I am relieved that my laptop is virus free and with a few modifications and upgrades and is running better than ever. Highly recommend these guys
Adam Harris

Had great experience from these guys who identified a computer problem I was having and fixed it immediately. Very personable and good customer service.
Stephen Boris

Highly recommend Computer Servicing. Fantastic Service, they come to you, they work around you to reduce down-time and their support is fantastic!! 🙂 Thank you so Much!!!

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