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  Computer Hardware Clean-Up

Ideal for all clients.

Even the best PCs can be dragged down by performance-choking dirt. Perhaps the most serious dirt-related threat to your PC is dust in the fans. Dust constantly gets sucked inside the case. Over time, it clogs both power-supply and cooling fans. As more and more dust accumulates on the blades and in the motors, the fans have to work harder.

If the buildup goes unchecked, the fans may significantly slow down or fail completely. This can lead to serious overheating inside the case, which can cause component failure and, ultimately, data loss.

Fortunately, we can easily rescue your desktop from all that grunge. Our technicians will open the case and clean out and tidy up the inside of your computer.

Expected servicing time from receiving computer:
1-2 Days

Computer Collection and Delivery Service within 15kms of Adelaide CBD - $35

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