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  Slow Computer

Possible Causes:

Hard disk drive is short on available disk space
Low hard disk space can cause your computer to run slowly due to insufficient space for cache (computers memory).

Several software programs have been installed/uninstalled
When you install a program it installs files in the system areas and your program files directory. Uninstalling these programs incorrectly (deleting the folder rather then going into Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs) can leave old program files behind confusing your computer.

Data Corruption
Corrupt or Unorganized files on your system can cause your computer to run inefficiently being unable to find certain files or not being able to open others.

Computer is Overheating
When your computer overheats it causes the computer to 'lose concentration' your computer will concentrate more on the temperature slowing itself down to prevent damage to hardware rather then concentrating on what you want it to do.

Overheating is generally caused by Insufficient Cooling (fans not working, not enough fans) but in some cases for more advanced user's it can be caused due to over clocking (an artificial upgrade, making your slower hardware run faster, work harder causing severe overheating and possible damage).

If you think your computer is suffering from Overheating getting it to a technician as soon as possible is highly recommended before any damage is done to your hardware.

Bad Hardware
Hardware running incorrectly can cause your computer to run slowly when doing things that require the bad hardware. Replacing these parts is a necessity.

Keeping your operating system ie; Windows XP, Windows 98 etc. up to date at all times. Along with your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware.

Be careful what websites you look at ie; Free Games, Free Music, Pornography etc.. some of these contain Viruses and Spyware and will cause your computer to operate incorrectly.
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