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  Peer to Peer Programs

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems do not operate on secure lines, thus providing an opening for hackers to enter a network or computer, access personal and confidential information, as well as place viruses or worms.

Users of P2P systems are prime targets and/or launching points for malicious hacker attacks simply because it requires downloading and sharing electronic files or programs.

Users of these programs are inadvertently making their personal information available to other users. Personal information includes tax returns containing you name, address, and social security numbers of not only you, but your spouse and dependents, financial information such as income and investments, medical records, business files such as contracts and personnel evaluations, and attorney-client communications, to name a few.

Spyware and adware programs are frequently bundled into P2P file-sharing software. These programs collect personal information for marketers and provide access to your computer by malicious hackers.

Some programs can redirect a user's homepage to a different website, install browser toolbars, insert entries into the user's browser bookmark list, reinstall itself after uninstallation, and ultimately crash a user's system.

When you are running the software for P2P services, your computer's disk space, bandwidth, and processing power are used to help other users on the same system operate their software more efficiently because of their own network or firewall constraints.

Many user's think that it is safe and free to download Pornographic Material or Pirated Movies/Games/Programs/Music from these programs, but the cost is when thier system can begin performing inefficiently due to these Virus and Spyware inclusive Peer-to-Peer programs.
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